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Windows Updates - Are you up to date?

Several Windows updates were recently released. You should check your device is up to date.  After updating your device you will lose WiFi connection to MEC.   This is easily fixed by registering your device from home as per the instructions below.

Connecting your Windows 10 BYOD scroll down for video

           Ask your Values teacher for your Edupass Login & Password

BYOD enrol

 If the above instructions didn't work then watch this video for an alternative method

appleSee these instructions for connecting an Apple Device

Please NOTE that Android devices are discouraged.  Do not purchase an Android device to use at MEC.  Android devices are not compatible with MEC.  However if you already own one and it has a keyboard, then you may have a go at enrolling your device. Follow these instructions  Note: 

Year 12 for 2019

edrolo logo

Go to

Enter your surname and check that it recognises your correct first name

Enter your email address and choose a secure password that you will remember

Click ‘Let me in’

Edrolo will send a confirmation email to the email address you used above – head to this email and click the activation link within this

You'll then be logged into your account!

Please start by watching our short training video – you are now ready to go